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About ScotDance New Brunswick

ScotDance New Brunswick is a Provincial affiliate of ScotDance Canada and strives to maintain and expand the instruction of highland dancing in the province of New Brunswick.


This website contains information pertaining to dance competitions & upcoming events, medal testing, dance camps, resources for teachers, as well as a gallery and contact information for teachers around the Province. 


If you wish to add photos to our gallery or any other information, or if you have questions or comments, please contact:


ScotDance New Brunswick - Executive and Office Bearers

SDNB Board of Directors:
President - Nicole Odo
Vice President - Ann Landry
Treasurer - Sarah Warman
Secretary - Lindsay Gaunce
SDC Board of Director - Kaitlyn Munn
Non Board of Director Positions:
Registrar  - Laura Read
Scholarship Chairperson (SDNB/ JL McKenzie) - Lindsay Hudson
Competition Organizer - Kelsey Parker
Website/ Social Media - Kate Francoeur and Kristen MacIntosh
Honorary Independent Member:
Sharon McIntyre
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